What Will You Find Here? -- FOOD
This site is VERY different. You will find FOOD  for the family here: food for the family's body, mind and soul.  The topics here reflect the scope of Merrill & Cyndi's broad experiences and training. Cyndi is a columnist and freelance writer who centers her interests around cooking and food. Merrill is a neurodevelopmental optometrist who is researching and developing materials around learning: in "normal" kids and adults as well as in learning-problem individuals. Both M&C's areas are reflected on the page.  
Cyndi is also an ordained lay pastor and Merrill has taught in-depth Bible studies and they have been involved in the start-up of ministries in the Pittsburgh  area. So, you'll find food for the soul here, too.
FOOD for the body -- Cyndi's Fare -- Recent columns, articles of food interest and Links.          
FOOD for the mind -- Merrill's Fare -- stuff on vision, learning, mind/body, Links and more.
FOOD for the soul -- Cyndi & Merrill's poems, paraphrases of Matthew and John, more....
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